Welcome to the Newly Built Tranquilo Lodge : An Eco-Luxury Drake Bay Hotel and Lodge

press2(2)Welcome to Tranquilo Lodge :            An Eco-Luxury Drake Bay Hotel

Tranquilo Lodge is an ocean front ecolodge nestled in the jungle, on the Southern Pacific coastline of Costa Rica. Located on the Osa Peninsula, our hotel is perfectly situated near Drake Bay and the Corcovado National Rainforest, being one of the most remote and untouched places in the world. Our luxurious, Drake Bay hotel accommodations are immersed in nature offering stunning ocean views of the Bay and Cano Island making for a truly unforgettable vacation experience full of adventure and pure beauty.

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Costa Rica Money Tips & Travel Costs


Traveling to Costa Rica or planning a trip soon? We have everything you need to know to plan for your vacation! The cost of travel in Costa Rica can vary greatly depending on which area of the country you decide to travel to, different hotel accommodations, tours and activities, and dining / restaurants. The cost of travel in Costa Rica is significantly cheaper than in the U.S. or Europe and higher than other countries in Central America.

The Costa Rican unit of currency is the colón. The colón, originally named after Christopher Columbus who was the first European to visit Costa Rica, has a value that fluctuates between 500-550 colónes per 1 US dollar. US dollars are pretty universally accepted in Costa Rica, especially at hotels and restaurants and are essential to bring here to Drake Bay where there aren’t any ATMs or banks.. We always recommend to be prepared to pay colónes when dining at local sodas, taking public transportation and tours not offered directly from the hotel. Below are our top Costa Rica money tips & travel costs :  Continue reading “Costa Rica Money Tips & Travel Costs”

Top 5 Travel Tips : Drake Bay, Costa Rica

travel2Drake Bay, Costa Rica is unlike many places in the world. Dubbed as being one of the most biologically diverse and remote places on the planet, there is nothing short of adventure, nature and thrill here on the Osa Peninsula ( Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica ). Known for it’s abundance of wildlife, adventurous trips into the Corcovado National Rainforest, incredible whale watching, world renowned sport fishing, the best scuba diving Costa Rica has to offer at nearby Cano Island and the amazing, untouched, pristine places to explore, there are only a few ways of getting to such a place. Below are our top 5 travel tips and the most frequently asked about topics when traveling to Drake Bay, Costa Rica : Continue reading “Top 5 Travel Tips : Drake Bay, Costa Rica”